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We are a leading independent practice made up of Clinical Psychologists in Truro, Cornwall.

Clear Psychology provides a comprehensive range of professional medico-legal services for the legal profession, insurance industry and rehabilitation providers. The core of our work is delivering expert witness assessments and treatment services. This involves providing accurate clinical information in a timely and proficient manner to those who need it. 

The company is run by experienced healthcare practitioners who have worked in the medico-legal industry for over 20 years. We also have a number of associates providing specialist services as required. By working hard to establish and maintain excellent working relationships within the legal profession, we continue to receive positive testimonials from clients, as well as medical and legal professionals alike. 

Our reputation is built around our dedication for delivering high-quality reports with an average turnaround time of just 1 to 3 weeks. In addition to this, our pricing structure is extremely competitive. All of this enables us to work with a huge range of local and national clients.  

"Finally I get Psychologists who write common sense reports for my clients and the Courts. Always within the timescales required and with the friendly professionalism that we all like to work with – I gave my first instruction in 1997 and would highly recommend these psychological services."

Fred Howell
Howell Hylton Solicitors

"Friendly and professional, able to turn around my requests for Mental Capacity Assessments well within the timescale and always happy to offer advice. I always receive good feedback from my clients and their families following an assessment – I would highly recommend having an informal chat with Dr Hamilton and his team in the first instance."

Louise Southwell
COODES Solicitors

"We instruct Clear Psychology because they provide us with prompt, focused and independent Part 35 expert’s legal reports which are also supported by clear explanations in conferences with Counsel."

Tim Goldburn
Preston Goldburn Solicitors